Programs & Events

Sat Nov 19, 2022
1:00 - 4:00 pm

A Community in Conflict

Film Screening & Symposium

In conjunction with our traveling Smithsonian exhibition, “Righting a Wrong”, which focuses on the Japanese American incarceration camps in New Mexico and throughout the United States, through little known stories within the WWII Department of Justice, please join us for a screening of the documentary film “A Community In Conflict” by filmmaker Claudia Katayanagi, along with a panel discussion, additional talks and dramatizations from the Japanese American Citizens League (JACL) Players. This film examines the conflict and resolution that brought a community together in reaction to the installment of the marker 20 years ago, acknowledging the existence of a WWII-era Japanese Internment Camp in Santa Fe, NM.

Pre-registration and ticketing requested. Limited Seating. Bottled water only please.

Additional information and ticketing link here:

Photo credit: The Mochida family, wearing identification tags, awaits a bus. They were forced to leave their two-acre nursery and greenhouse operation in Eden, California, May 1942.

Dorothea Lange, Courtesy of National Archives