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Sun Dec 4
2:00 - 3:30 pm

Railroading and Old Santa Fe

an Exhibition, Short Film, & Lecture about NM Railroad History

The Old Santa Fe Association and the New Mexico History Museum have partnered for “Railroading and Old Santa Fe.” This history event will feature a visit to the exhibit "Working on the Railroad," a short train film by John Gaw Meem, and a lecture by railroad historian Fred Friedman.

Fred Friedman is a recognized authority on New Mexico’s railroads, having served as a government transportation administrator, a railroad accident investigator, & expert witness about railroad accidents across the country.

He has lectured and written on New Mexico’s railroads, their depots, workers, legislation, and related subjects. Recognized as a New Mexico History Scholar, by the Office of the State Historian, he researched the subject of Native American Railroad Workers 1880-2000 and recently edited the personal memoir of a depression era track maintenance supervisor, Forty Years on the Santa Fe Railroad: 1921-1961.  Fred recently published a two-part article for the Museum of New Mexico Foundation’s El Palacio Magazine on the history of the Lamy branch line.

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Limited seating, walk-ins welcome space permitting, bottled water only please

Museum free to NM resident’s 1st Sunday of each month Nov-April

Photo credit: New Mexico History Museum Photo Archives